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DavosLife’s Research and Development (R&D) centers are the leading centers for tocotrienol research and product development. Our goal is to spearhead research into the health benefits and applications of tocotrienols through conducting original research as well as in collaboration with other research institutes. We conduct and sponsor preclinical and clinical studies to evaluate Naturale3 and its potential health benefits.

DavosLife's published research in leading journals such as The International Journal of Cancer and the British Journal of Cancer has contributed to the growing body of scientific evidence supporting tocotrienol’s ability to support human health.

Our research investigates the effects and mechanisms of action of tocotrienol’s bio-activity in the body and consequently unlocking the potential of this natural botanical.

Our life science R&D laboratory is located within the renowned scientific research hub of Singapore – Biopolis. The presence of cross-disciplinary research institutes offers an outstanding research environment for our scientists. Our chemistry and analytical research centers are located in Malaysia together with our new plant.




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